Myth began as a series of unique silver gelatin prints created with improvisational techniques in the darkroom, using found organic matter such as rocks, roots and earth. Most prints are photograms, made by placing organic materials directly on or close to photographic papers themselves, which then bear shadows and shapes of the materials that rested above.

Taking audiences on a journey into an interior world while referencing cosmological events and geological phenomena, Myth is an invitation to reflect on the connections between the human and the non-human. While grounded in the mundane, the work seeks to suggest links between one person and another, the natural elements that surround us, and the larger forces beyond our lifetimes.

As imagination is an act of extraordinary seeing, enchantment might be a representative moment for reconsidering photography’s relationship to the world. Could heaven and earth, secular and spiritual, ritual and routine, ordinary and miraculous be mirror images of each other?

– Robert Hariman and John Louis Lucaites, The Public Image